Meet Mimi


Mimi Davis is a Certified OBM:registered: and founder of À LA CARTE MARKETING, a company that is dedicated to connecting powerhouse entrepreneurs and CEOs with the systems and processes our clients need to streamline their operations and scale their businesses. With over 15 years in marketing and 20 years in business management and operations, I have a unique blend of experience in setting up processes and procedures to make businesses run more smoothly, coupled with the marketing expertise to apply the ideal systems to help our clients grow their businesses. clients grow their businesses.


Why am I passionate about helping CEOs and business owners discover the freedom that comes from system and process implementation? Because I have seen first hand the  struggles that come from trying to run every aspect of business yourself overwhelmed by  operations and feeling pulled in 15 different directions. This leaves you unable to bring in new clients or even hire help because there’s already too much to do.

Now your business is stuck, unable to grow, while you’re drowning in tasks.

Not only have I seen those struggles, but I’ve also LIVED them. I know too well the stress and frustration that stem from being buried in work, especially those manual tasks that feel more like busywork rather than helping your business move forward.

If this sounds familiar, I am here to help. With my decades of know-how, I’ve learned exactly how to target inefficiencies and put systems and processes in place to reduce tasks, Onboard clients quickly, and even hire support staff.

What do these things mean for you? By helping put the right systems in place, from CRM software to manage clients and improve communication, automating workflows and improving organizational processes, our clients experience an immediate reduction in stress because the sheer amount of work has been reduced.

They are able to connect with more clients because they have an onboarding process that saves time while improving service, and they are able to adapt a future-focused mindset because they’re not constantly putting out fires and playing catch-up.

Think about what this could mean for you! My goal is to help you scale your business and increase profits while reducing your workload and time spent at the office.

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a call with me today!

Ready to step away from the day-to-day operations?